A smarter way to sell
You sell to someone who will rent for a fixed period, with a contract to buy at the end for maximum market value
Best of both worlds (Rent & Sell)
You choose when to sell, anytime between 2-20 years. You get paid an upfront deposit, plus monthly cashflow and a premium sale price (earning what the mortgage company would have earned in interest)
A Proven System
We take care of everything - we buy from you directly or find you a buyer, we sort out the contracts and collect payments for you from rent-to-sell

Benefits for Sellers

Why our sellers choose to sell gradually with us

Get paid what the Buyer would have paid in mortgage interest, plus earn rent monthly

Avoid marketing and estate agency fees completely

Upfront deposit of 2% paid to directly to seller, plus rental montly cash over the fixed period. We take care of everything

Be part of making home ownership affordable for the millions not served by traditional mortgages. Powered by Technology

Find out how much you could sell for?




Your Personalised dashboard

You get access to our technology-enabled platform giving you updated progress tracker of your Tenant-Buyer's ownership stake, monthly payments and how the value of the home is changing over time

Sell or Rent?
How about both- Rent to Sell

  • Your primary goal for investing in property is to be an Investor and not a landlord
  • You're struggling to get the right price offer for your property
  • Not ready to sell yet but would consider selling if the price is right

Here's 5 reasons you should sell with RenterBuyer

  • Best offer for your property, Gauranteed! We guarantee to buy for 10% above market value based on a 3 year sale period...
    We guarantee to buy for 10% above market value based on a 3 year sale period. So if your property is worth £200k today,we will buy for £220k over 3 years. You get 2-5% upfront and the rest is spread over the 3 years. In addition, we pay you rent to cover the mortgage all through the period. By selling to RenterBuyer, you are not only achieving much better investment returns than traditional sale, you are also locking in the certainty of a sale at a fixed price, on a fixed date. Plus fixed rental yield over the sale period agreed. Now you can purchase an Investment property knowing exactly when you'll exit and at what price without the worry over price drop!
  • Free to Sell It's free to sell with RenterBuyer so you save several £'000s in estate agency fees…
    It's free to sell with RenterBuyer so you save several £'000s in estate agency fees (typically 2% of sales price). That's a saving of £6,000 on a £300,000 property!
  • Certainty of a sale regardless of market conditions With RenterBuyer, no need to worry whether the market moves up or down. Our…
    With RenterBuyer, no need to worry whether the market moves up or down. Our fixed sale price is backed up by a legal contract. Plus you get 2-5% of the purchase price upfront with the rest spread in instalments over the agreed sale period. If we don't buy at the end, we lose our deposit and instalments so you are assured that your property is sold, regardless of market conditions.
  • Completely hassle-free Unlike being a Landlord; with RenterBuyer, there are no voids or huge mainte…
    Unlike being a Landlord; with RenterBuyer, there are no voids or huge maintenance costs to worry about. Relax knowing your property is well looked after by a Buyer who will care for because it's their own to buy We offer a structured, secure, fully managed end-to-end process to guide you through every step from legal conveyancing, property management through to exit
  • Hero’s Community What's more, by listing with us, you are giving someone the much-needed help …
    What's more, by listing with us, you are giving someone the much-needed help to own their own home. Securing your place forever in our Hero's Hall of Fame!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it cost?
    We charge the Seller absolutely nothing, saving you several thousands in estate agency fees
  • What properties can I sell?
    This will often be Investment properties that you are happy to rent for a few years with the certainty of a sale at the end
  • How do I know this is secure?
    Rent-to-Buy, Lease option agreements, hire-purchase agreements, etc have been around for many years and have a strong legal basis. Ours is an improved version of the Government Help to Buy Scheme, not limited to new build freehold properties, open to all properties and eligible buyers. We have a panel of solicitors with vast years of experience to act for you whether as Seller but you can of course use your own solicitor if you already have one. We also work with a number of partner Banks, mortgage lenders and surveyors to ensure the property valuations are fair and that all our Buyers meet a strict eligibility criteria.
  • How does it benefit me as a Seller, Investor or Developer?
    Simply put, our Sellers sell for more, earn both rent and capital growth until sold, pay no agency fees; without the hassle of being a landlord and the uncertainty of property price fluctuations. This is not for sellers who want all the sale price upfront. By selling in instalments on a rent-to-buy basis; you get paid a 2-5% of the purchase price upfront; PLUS you get paid what the Buyer would have paid in monthly mortgage interest, PLUS a rent based on the rental yield in the area. With RenterBuyer, you choose when you want to sell, you know exactly how much you will sell for and you earn monthly rent until sold. We remove the uncertainties. There is no property management hassle involved, there are no voids to worry about and the property will be well looked after because the tenant is in it to buy. Many of our sellers are landlords or developers who invest in property for passive income and to save for their future (e.g. their pension) but do not want any of the hassle and uncertainties. It's all backed up by a legal contract so you know what rent you will get monthly, how much you will sell for and when
  • How long do I have to own the property?
    You have between 2-20 years to own from renting. At the start, we will work with you to know how you wish to buy, whether with a mortgage or without a mortgage. If buying with a mortgage, we will ensure your monthly payments allow you to build up enough deposit to get a mortgage within 2-3 years. For some properties, you will also have the option to spread the monthly payments so you own it outright 100% over up to 20 years, without ever needing a mortgage.
  • How do you finance the purchase?
    We work with a range of institutional, private investors and housebuilders to finance the purchase of the homes, making it available to you on a rent-to-buy basis. They benefit by getting paid the rent portion and the interest that you would otherwise have paid to a mortgage lender.
  • Is RTO same as Help to Buy, Shared Ownership or similar schemes?
    RenterBuyer is an improvement to the Help to Buy scheme. Our solution has all the benefits of Help-to-Buy but without the limitations. With RenterBuyer, you do not need a perfect credit score to qualify; you are not limited to leasehold new build properties and we do not have an income cap. There are also a number of rent-to-buy arrangements out there directly with private landlords/sellers. These schemes are unregulated and many unsuspecting buyers have fallen prey. Our scheme is fully independent, we work with both sellers and buyers to ensure the process is transparent and both parties are protected throughout the entire process.
  • How is my upfront deposit and monthly payment calculated?
    There are 2 component payments on the rent-to-buy model: UPFRONT DEPOSIT - this is a down payment deductible from your final purchase price. We only require a minimum of 2% upfront deposit. The higher the deposit you put down at the start, the lower the monthly payment you will be required to make. You can check how this changes by using the calculator on the site. MONTHLY PAYMENT- this is split between a rent portion and a purchase credit portion. The rent portion is linked to the rent in the post code, but with a slight discount so you save money in rent from Day 1. The purchase credit is calculated so you can save up enough deposit to be mortgage-ready within 2-3 years or to be able to own the property 100% within 2-20 years. The equity purchase credit portion of the monthly payment is kept in a secure FCA approved escrow account.
  • What happens if house prices go up or down after I agree a purchase price?
    As any home buyer, you take on the exposure to future house price rise or fall. We do not share in the gain if the house prices rise above the agreed purchase price and we do not share if it falls. Our model valuation is designed to be completely transparent. We do not attempt to predict future house prices. Our valuation is based on independently assessed current value, plus annual uplift equivalent to the interest you would pay on a typical mortgage.
  • How do I know this is secure?
    We are a venture capital backed FinTech, with many institutional investors, lenders and solicitors as partners. We are registered with the Property Ombudsman and the equity portion of your monthly payments is kept in a secure FCA approved escrow account so it is available for you to use as deposit at the end of the rent-to-own period. Similar models have worked successfully outside the UK and our innovative approach is meant to provide an ethical, socially responsible way to make ownership affordable to everyone with good income.
  • What happens if I am unable to buy the home after the rent-to-own period?
    Our rent-to-own model is designed to help renters who genuinely want to buy their own home. You choose your preferred purchase date at the start of the programme and this can be anything from 2-20 years. Once the term is agreed upfront, you can purchase the property anytime on or before the agreed purchase date. If you do not purchase at the purchase date, you risk being evicted, losing the 2% upfront deposit you paid upfront, plus some of the monthly purchase credits depending on the circumstances involved and the condition you leave the property. Our legal agreement is very transparent and will spell this all out before you commit to going with the programme.
  • Can I use this to purchase a Buy to Let Property?
    Unfortunately not at this time. Our mission is to help renters become homeowners so our programme is only available to first time buyers and owner occupiers. We however work with Buy to Let property Investors who are looking to sell their property on a rent-to-buy basis, thereby earning both rental yield and the interest that would have otherwise being paid to a mortgage company. So drop us a note if you have a property to sell.
  • How does this compare to renting?
    There are at least 3 reasons why RenterBuyer offers you more than renting: 1. When you rent, you have no stake in the property. With RenterBuyer, part of your monthly payments goes towards building your ownership interest. So unlike renting, you own more of the property each month. 2. With RenterBuyer, your rent portion is often around 10% less than market rent to start with and the rent portion reduces each month as you own more. So you save money and build your deposit quicker 3. With RenterBuyer, you don't have a typical landlord. You can carry out non-structural repairs to the property or get a pet. You're buying it, not renting it.

What our Sellers are saying


An exit strategy is key in real estate. Rent-to-own offers a fixed exit strategy ahead of time, you know exactly when and how you are going to leave your investment - before you begin! The profit and return on investment are far superior to traditional rental property investing. The tenant is agreeing to purchase the property at the end of the lease term yet you don't have the responsibilities for repairs and other time-consuming duties associated with being a landlord. No matter what happens to the economy in the years to come, your property is generating an agreed fixed return

Mark Loeffler

As a property investor, I sold a number of properties to Tenant-Buyers. I found it much more secure than a normal tenancy or sales. Knowing I could sell for higher than with estate agents and knowing exactly what I’ll sell for in 2,3,4 years’ time. Plus the security of a rental income during the period with a Tenant-Buyer looking after the property. Also lots of advantages for the Tenant-Buyers. Many of my buyers wanted the security of being able to settle in their preferred location, often with kids and family established in schools. Overall, lots of positives for both sides

Duncan Belton

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