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Could rent-to-buy be a solution to the homeownership challenge?

By - Ilona Billington | 01-Nov-2019

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As a nation, the UK is obsessed with the housing market. House prices, the cost of renting, how more people are renting now than ever before and how there just aren’t enough homes on this island to for everyone who lives here!

RenterBuyer’s 10-step guide to improving your credit score

By - Olu Olufote | 24-Nov-2019

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As a potential home-buyer, there are many different things to think about. That’s particularly the case if you’re saving for your deposit and working on improving the overall general health of your finances and credit records.

10 New Year Resolutions to help you buy your home in 2020

By - Olu Olufote | 24-Dec-2019

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Planning to buy your home in 2020? Here are 10 new year resolutions to help you become a homeowner