We have a simple mission

We have a simple mission

To help anyone achieve their homeownership goal QUICKER using technology.

Our Story

The RenterBuyer story was born out of a personal need.

Nothing sucks like being stuck renting when you really want to own. We know first-hand how exceptionally hard it is if you belong to the ‘underserved middle’ with good income to comfortably afford rent payments but still can’t get a mortgage due to being unable to build the right deposit, credit score or being self employed.

Our goal is to reduce the time to own, and make homeownership more accessible and affordable for the many, not just the few using technology. We match you to helpful suggestions and product offers so you don’t have to do it yourself. Everything you need to own quicker, all in one place. For FREE.

Our Team

Olu Olufote


Super-excited at the opportunity to work with aspiring homeowners towards achieving their homeownership goals. I'm passionate about all things property, finance and technology - RenterBuyer combines all 3! My background is in management consulting (Accenture, PwC) and Banking (Lloyds, RBS/ABN Amro). Qualified Accountant & MBA. I enjoy solving problems and working with customer-focused teams. Please say Hello.

Sank Rajeswaran

Product Lead/CPO

I am excited to be part of the RenterBuyer team and thrilled at the chance to build a product driven by tech but more importantly, delivers a positive social impact. My background and experience is in product development within agile tech-startups and I am an MEng graduate from the University of Warwick. Anything to do with design, technology and patisseries, I am simply in love with!

Karla Suarez

Customer Support Lead

I joined RenterBuyer because of the mission and my passion for customer support. I am an experienced Business and Marketing professional. M.Sc. in Marketing and MBA in Global Business Strategy. I love creativity and innovation so I'm looking forward to helping to achieve your homeownership goals. Let's keep in touch!

Yaroslav Krutikov

Tech Lead

I`m passionate about building large, scalable and top quality applications. It's so cool that RenterBuyer is creating a product that's so useful for the end user, but also has everything for a software developer to grow. My key role is to build a stable and scalable Product to satisfy all our customer's needs.

Joly Tematio

Marketing Lead/CMO

Super thrilled to join Team RenterBuyer to play my part in helping first-time buyers hit their homeownership goals faster. I'm passionate about marketing and data, with a Msc in Data Science and Finance. My background and experience as a data scientist allows me to make data-driven marketing decisions for our users. I’m fond of great books, deep conversations, fitness and sweets! So if you are as well, we should connect.

Jan Rajeswaran

Design Lead

Hello! I'm Janani and I'm super excited to be part of the RenterBuyer family. Over the years, I have established gratitude in being creative and I'm very excited to be embarking on this journey as the Graphic Designer at RenterBuyer. I'm looking forward to help you achieve your homeownership goals and aspirations!

Jacko Nga Chi Wong

Partnerships & Comms Lead

Thrilled at the opportunity to connect our users to the right partner products for their needs. I will be helping to drive overall communications with product partners, Investors and other strategic relationships. With over 15 years experience in this space, I am passionate about creating value through improving partnerships and communications. MsC Communications

Igor Kurochka

Tech Adviser

A key part of my role at RenterBuyer is to use my 15 years' experience in software development and building products to achieve our goal of building an AI-powered platform to help first-time buyers own their home quicker. Masters in Software for automated Systems; previous experience as Deputy Head of IT in a Bank, Head of Engineering for a number of startups and founded own IT consultancy. Expertise in Machine Learning/AI, computer vision, chatbots, web and mobile development, user experience and interface design.